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Strategic Initiatives - TBEM

Excellence Journey in TCIL

TCIL initiated its Business Excellence journey with the adoption of Tata Business Excellence Model in the year 1998 and CII Exim Bank (EFQM Model) in the year 2000. Strategy development and deployment processes were implemented and complimented with effective Performance Management (through job rotations, succession planning, training at premier institutes/business excellence programmes) and Measurement Systems (fast track opportunities, rewards & recognitions). Graduating from the basics of adopting QMS, EMS, OHSAS, Key Enterprise Processes were re- engineered to meet internal and external customer needs.  Over the years, TCIL has been in the process of learning either thru full-time or cross functional involvement with consultants like  McKinsey’s for TOP initiatives, JIPM for TPM deployment, Arcelor for process improvement ,Nippon Steel for  de-bottlenecking, Fibres with AFF, and Consumer Mind Space with a marketing consultant. It also initiated a very unique intervention for creating a World class workforce thru WIN process, time bound program for enhancing competency level of our unionized category of employees and to bring in Customer focus and quality orientation.

We have re-built our vision “Be an industry leader in value creation, servicing packaging needs and creating a greener future” for the next five years to becoming a major regional force with half a million ton scale and aspiring to be positioned as a global benchmark.

As a responsible corporate citizen, TCIL has been pro- actively and systematically addressing community concerns to improve Health care, Civic amenities, Community development and environment. In order to ensure that its growth is based on sustainance and inclusiveness, TCIL has followed an innovative model, partnering with Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) and CII to develop model villages and deploying the learning across many others. TCIL has now become a Global Compact member and its CSR work has been recognized nationally as well.

 Latest Developments: 

  • We are now in a position to leverage and learn from Tata Steel Europe who are amongst world class players in tinplate business. We have started benchmarking our processes (to start with operations) with them and have earmarked a full time resource to work together with them to make a beginning in R&D / technology.

  • We have engaged a renowned Japanese consultant for TQM Promotion (Policy and Daily Work Management) initiative with an objective to reduce variability in our processes and challenge the Deming Award in three years time.

  • Customer Focus: In conjunction with TQMS, we have started a pilot Voice of Customer Study based Customer Value Management exercise in South Zone.

  • With ITRI, we are now in the process to adapt to changing regulatory norms (REACH) and also developing architecture for Tinplate as a sustainable packaging medium.

  • We have undertaken carbon footprint study with TQMS to respond to Climate Change and abatement plans are underway.

  • TCIL has partnered with M/s Renoir Consultants to fulfill its aspirational capacities of 3,80,000 T with reinforcement of key deliverables across process and systems

The Company has been awarded  JRD QV Award and CII Exim Bank Prize in recent past years.





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