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By far the largest application of tinplate is in packaging and it is ideally suited for this purpose, by virtue of it being non-toxic, light in weight, strong, corrosion resistant and easily formed, soldered and welded; it also provides an excellent printing surface. The tin coating has a low melting point, possesses lubricant qualities and imparts a good appearance. Cans made from tinplate are easy to handle, dispose and store. Tinplate is primarily used for packaging foodstuffs and beverages, but it is also used in containers for oils, grease, paints, powdered, polishes, waxes, chemicals and many other products. Aerosol containers and caps and closures are also made from tinplate.

Gauge-wise end-uses are

A.    Double Reduced (DR)

(in mm)
End use and top/bottom of cans
0.17 Body for Instant Coffee Can, Edible Oil, Vanaspati and Ghee.
0.18 Body for Instant Coffee Can, Baby Food, Edible Oil, Vanaspati and Ghee.
0.19 Body for No.1 Tall built-up Can and Vanaspati.
0.21 15 Kg tin containers for cooking medium packaging.
0.22 Body for A 21/2 Cans for cooking medium packaging.


B.    Single Reduced (SR)

(in mm)
End use and top/bottom of cans
0.19 Lids for welded baby food Cans.
0.19 Baby food Can, condensed milk Body.
0.19 Components (ends) for baby food Cans.
0.20 Battery jackets, welded baby food Cans and components.
0.20 Lug caps, coconut oil Cans.
0.21 1 kg. paint containers, 15 kg. DR containers, ghee containers.
0.22 2 kg. ghee containers.
0.22 2 kg (ends) components.
0.22 No. 1 Tall cheese/butter Can, lug caps.
0.22 4 ltr. beaded Cans for paints.
0.24 Crown corks, 5 kg. ghee containers, Lube containers, A 2.5 kg. components, Pesticide.
0.24 4 ltr. paint containers.Crown corks.
0.25 Crown corks.
0.25 Crown corks.A 2.5 body, Lube containers.
0.25 5 ltr. petroleum Cans.
0.26 Double (4 litres) Ring/Lid for 4-ltr. paint.
0.28 5 Kg. containers, A-10, OTS Cans, A-79, 16.5 kg. cashew tin.
0.28 15 kg. containers top/bottom size.

Temper-wise end-uses are

A.    Double Reduced (DR)

Designation Aimed Rockwell hardness range 30 Characteristics Typical usages
T-2 50-56 Moderate drawing where some stiffness is required. Rings and plugs, some tops, closures, shallow drawn and specialized can parts.
T-2.5 52-58 Combines the characteristics of T-2 & T-3.18 Battery call bodies, small can ends and bodies.
T-3 54-60 Shallow drawing, general purpose, with fair degree of stiffness to minimum fluting. Can ends and bodies, large diameter closures, crown caps.
T-4 58-64 Moderate stiffness. Can bodies, crown caps and closures.
DR-8 70-76 Proof, Stress: 550(+/-)70 N/mm2. Small diameter round can bodies and ends.


Coating Weight-wise end-uses

Coating Weight Typical End Uses
E0.56/0.56 E-05 Lubricants and Grease, Flask outers.Round and oval containers for Talcum Powder, Lube oil cans.
E1.12/1.12E-10 Lube oil cans, Paints.
E1.68/1.68E-15 Lube oil cans, Paints.
E2.24/2.24E-20 Baby food cans, Lube oil cans.
E2.8/2.8 E-25 Baby food cans, Ghee, edible oil, Lube oil cans Crowns, cine film boxes, Vanaspati, Battery jackets, pesticides, Cashew nuts, Tea caddies coffee, Beverage cans.
E5.6/5.6E-50 Condensed milk, Fish, Meat, Ghee, Vanaspati.
E8.4/8.4E-75 Battery jackets.
E11.2/11.2 Ammunition boxes for defense.
D5.6/2.8 OTSC, Vanaspati.
D11.2/2.8 OTSC
D11.2/5.6 OTSC
D8.4/2.8 OTSC

Some of the major can-making techniques/uses

Tinplates in Packaging
Three piece soldered can
Welded three pieces can
Shallow drawn container
Drawn & wall ironed can
The draw redraw can
Aerosol containers
General line containers
Tinplates in Electronics
Condenser Shields
Radio and television cabinets
Cable tape
Magnetic screen covers
Thermal print-head cups
Circuit boards
Tinplates in Engineering
Automotive air filters
Automotive oil filters
Battery cases
Brake lines
Tinplates in Construction
Gas meter internal components
Packing strip
Expanded metals
Heat exchangers
Tinplates in Non-Containers (Miscellaneous)
Advertising boards Razor blade dispensers
Acoustic ceiling tiles Reflectors for electric and gas filters
Addressograph plates and frames Seaside buckets
Aerosol valves Serrated cutting edge for foil dispensers
Air-vent valves Strawberry basket handles
Ashtrays Baking trays and cake tins Tablemats
Base of PVC laminates Tables
Battery cases Thermos flakes
Back rear view mirror Torch cases
Bicycle chain guards Toys
Bobbins of textile industries Trays
Butane gas stoves Trim
Button moulds Vacuum cleaners (component parts)
Can openers Valve rocker cover
Cabinet drawers Venetian blind parts
Cheese graters Waste paper baskets
Cigarette lighters Weld-on lugs
Clock and instrument dials Printing plates
Coffin fittings (plated) Pails
Composite containers Drawn components
Curtain fitments Handles
Cutlery Cartridges
Dartboard surrounds Corrugated sheet
Domestic appliances Cones
Door/window frames Bail ears
Headlamp reflectors Disks
Hurricane lamps Sheathing
Ignition core top ring Rivets
Lighting fixtures Lunch boxes Eyelets
Office files (file clips) Rings
Oil-immersed coils  
Paint containers  
Paper towel dispensers  
Parts of filling cabinets  




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