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Tinplate Hospital


This is one of the oldest hospitals in Jamshedpur, started in the early 1940's. It started off as a very small first-aid post/dispensary. Slowly it metamorphised into a 60 bedded hospital in 1980 with 8 doctors; and now it is a 175 bedded hospital with 31 doctors and 139 supporting staff. All specialties are covered.


We are located in Golmuri area of Jamshedpur which is half way between the two big areas of Tata Steel and Tata Engineering (Telco). We are approximately 4 kms away from the Tatanagar Railway Station, the nearest railway station.


Management Initiative

The Tinplate Hospital started as a captive hospital only for the employees and the families of the Tinplate Company.In 1998, after a massive downsizing from 5500 employees to 1760 employees,the Company management had to rethink whether they needed such a large hospital. Due to the initiative of several doctors, the management decided to convert the Hospital into a 'Profit Centre' and open it to Corporate clientele. A Tinplate Medical Council was formed to oversee the administrative and policy-making functions. Nineteen other companies decided to make the Tinplate Hospital their referral hospital like Timken India, Tata Robins Fraser, B.O.C, Tata Ryerson, Tata Electric, Lafarge, M.T.M.H., State Bank Of India, Tata Consultancy Services, Larsen & Toubro, N.M.L., A.D.M.H, INCAB, ISWP, Uranium Corporation of India, DVC, Jamipol, Usha Martin & Medicare.


In 1999, after some success in revenue earings, it was decided to expand the hospital services to include an Intensive Care Unit, Trauma Centre and Blood Bank. A charitable trust was formed. It was called Dr.T.C.John Memorial Charitable Foundation. Under the aegis of this Trust, we received a grant of Rs 65 lakhs from the Timken Foundation, USA to construct an Intensive Care Unit and Rs 35 lakhs from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai to construct a Trauma Centre. Both have been constructed and are operational.


Child Health Programme


Pulse Polio Programme: This programme is carried out every year as per the guidelines of the. Ministry of Health, Government of India. The staff of Tinplate Hospital and Community Development services work together to ensure that every child below 5 years age in our locality receives the oral polio drops on the designated days. 12 Booths are set up on the first day where children are brought by their parents for immunisation. On the subsequent days our teams of volunteers go to each and every house in our township and administer the oral polio drops to any child who may have not come to the booth.This programme is going on since inception and we are committed to this until Polio disease is eradicated. During the 4 rounds of pulse polio programme in the last financial year of 2006-07, nearly 18,670 children were vaccinated and more than 4000 houses visited during each round.


Infant child care clinic: These are conducted on Monday, Thursday and Saturday every week from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.. The children attending our infant and child care clinic are examined and assessed regarding their growth and development. Mothers are trained and counseled regarding correct feeding and child rearing practices. Various vaccines are administered to the child rearing practices. Various vaccines are administered to the children for protection against a host of diseases. These services are provided by the pediatricians, Nurses and Health Workers of our hospital. In the last financial year of 2006-07, about 4500 children benefited from this service.


Health Awareness Programmes


Personality development and general awareness: A Workshop was conducted at Tinplate Union College campus. Our doctors interacted with the students of class IX & X of the sparkling Gems English School. Problems of adolescents were discussed in detail. There was a very enthusiastic response from the participants.


School Health Programme: This was conducted for children of welfare center & Balwadi. 200 children were examined & advised.


Informative Pamphlets: Just before the onset of monsoon we send out pamphlets to the residents of our township regarding means to escape from water borne diseases. Awareness regarding Dengue too was spread through distribution of these pamphlets.


Aids awareness Programme: With the help of our community development section our doctors conducted this programme in No.10 Bustee Welfare Center. We educate the Bustee people in different age group.


Water borne disease control programme: We take samples of drinking water once in every month and twice in rainy season for purity check from different places of the colony. It is checked in hospital Pathology Lab and the results are sent to the concerned department for corrective measure if any.


Maternal & Foetal Health Care Programme: Antenatal check up of Pregnant ladies is conducted twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Apart from clinical examination, they are advised regarding diet, exercise and medicines. Expected mothers are motivated to breast feed their children.


Family Planning Programme: In the Post Natal clinics, women are explained and offered various methods for spacing and contraception.Laparoscopic sterilisation camps are organised from time to time. Several ladies from the colony of beggars were sterilised with the help of Rotary club of Jamshedpur East.


Cancer Detection Programme: Ladies above the above of 30 years are examined and suitable tests done for early detection of cancer. They are explained to look for the danger signals.

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