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Acid Regeneration Plant


The hydrochloric acid used in the pickling line after its use, when its concentration falls below 6%, is sent for regeneration to the ARP installed. This reduces the consumption of fresh acid and also the cost of treating the effluents of the plant.

In ARP the specific gravity is increased and sprayed into a furnace called roaster,in the form of fine mist. The reaction takes place inside the roaster and Iron Chloride is converted to Iron Oxide in powder form and fumes of Hydrochloric Acid. The Iro Oxide is collected from the bottom of the roaster and the HCL fume is dissolved in the form of liquid HCL. This regenerated acid(RA) is reused in the Pickling linesand the Iron Oxide is sold to the paint manufacturing industries.

Quality checks

1. Concentration of acid in regenerated acid should be minimum 18%.

Acid Regeneration Plant (Rear view) Acid Regeneration Plant


Roll Grinding Shop

Facility: The Roll Grinding and Shot blasting facility caters to the roll requirement of the mills (6 Hi Cold Rolling and 4 Hi two stands Temper / DCR mill).

There are three state of the art grinding machines from Herkules and two shot blasting facilities.

The machines are equipped with online and offline measurement systems to cater to the requirement of the mills thereby ensuring market/product needs.


Quality checks

1. Crack and bruise on the ground rolls using eddy current

2. Roll diameter and roundness

3. Profile of the ground roll

4. Surface roughness

Roll Grinding Machine Shot Blasting Machine



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