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Corporate Social Responsibility and Affirmative Action ( CSR & AA)





Overall direction under CSR Policy


•   Setting up and running educational institutions and hostels

•   Improving quality of education in educational institutions including training of staff, enhance infrastructure,   enhance sports / co-curricular activities, safety awareness programs

•   Offering scholarships / financial assistance / free education to needy and meritorious students

•   Bridging drop-out children and mainstreaming them to formal schools


•      Sponsoring candidates for skill development and vocational training programmes, coaching candidates to    appear for entrance examinations of different institutions

•        Providing free computer education

•        Developing infrastructure at Community Development Centres


•       Organizing health camps in villages, schools, colleges and in the nearby locality.

•       Constructing and maintaining washrooms.

•       Providing medical treatment to needy and poor patients.

•      Providing drinking water facility.

•      Running mobile medical vans and ambulances


•      Undertaking  plantations and forestation activity as well as recharge ground water levels



•       Organizing sports tournaments and coaching camps for community and support deserving sportspersons to participate in state / national events

•        Preserving and promoting traditional arts and handicrafts.

•       Contributing to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, Clean Ganga Fund, Swach Bharat Kosh and to any Government led initiatives for socio-economic development and relief.


Serving and Inspiring Others

Providing welfare service has always formed the basic framework of TCIL’s commitment to the community. Upholding the Tata tradition over the years, the Company has put in place a well-defined process with major emphasis on areas like Education, Employability, Healthcare, Environment and Sports. As per the CSR Policy, the key areas for TCIL’s CSR activities are the community and local limits in which it operates. The areas as identified by TCIL are No. 10 Basti and Harijan Basti (within No. 10 Basti), Cable Harijan Basti, Tube Harijan Basti and the nearby villages Nutandih, Lupungdih, Munda Tola & Jhumka Tola under Hurlung Panchayat, which are inhabited by the Munda, Oraon, Santhal and Saba Tribes. 

Spreading wings through Education

Education is the foundation for the development of any nation and supporting for better access to education is essential for transforming societies.  Following this belief, the Company has been tirelessly working towards making education reachable to all.  TCIL support students who are less privileged in society with the objective to enable children from the underprivileged community including school dropouts to meet their learning needs and complete their education successfully.  The Company motivates and supports meritorious students on a regular basis for pursuing their higher / technical education. Initiatives undertaken by CSR wing of TCIL are as follows:

(i) Pre Nursery classes at C.D. Centres

Pre-nursery classes are held at three C.D. Centres at various locations in the township and the Basti under the supervision of trained teachers.  Teaching aids and materials for sports activities are provided free of cost to all the Centres which act as a source of encouragement and motivation for the children to attend classes regularly and learn while playing. These classes are helping children immensely in getting admission to good schools.

(ii) Remedial classes at villages

Due to lack of awareness and monetary constraints, basic literacy at nearby villages is not given due priority. Our regular interactions with the villagers have helped in increasing awareness as well as motivating them into sending their children to our remedial classes. Out of five Remedial Centres, four centres are being operated in nearby villages- Nutandih, Lupungdih, Munda Tola and Jhumka Tola, which come under Hurlung Panchayat and one centre in No.10 Harijan Basti.  These Centres are run by local womenfolk appointed from these villages.  All study materials, honorariums to teachers and sports materials are being sponsored by the Company.  This initiative has positively affected the attendance of the children and the honorarium to the local teachers has also enabled them to continue their higher education

The Remedial Centres are fully supported by TCIL in terms of providing free study materials to the students and honorarium to teachers. Since 2010, these Centres have been running positively and the response has been encouraging as many of these students have got admission into good schools and a chance to pursue higher education.

(iii) Free education

For the children of AA community, a chance to study in an English medium school was a dream come true. TCIL’s prime focus was the school dropouts and the needy children at the Harijan Basti Remedial Centre located at No. 10 Basti. This move has enabled them to get admission in Vidya Jyoti School. Realising the expectations and aspirations of the children and their parents from AA Community, TCIL took the initiative of sponsoring tuition fees of the poor and needy children studying in Vidya Jyoti School – an English medium school, situated near the Harijan Basti. Providing admission & tuition fees has helped such children to sustain their further education.

To motivate children studying in the ten community schools in the Tinplate area, a cash award is conferred every year to the top three meritorious students by the MD during the Independence Day celebrations.

TCIL is also supporting the Adivasi School (having exclusively AA community children) by providing honorarium to teachers, study materials, text books and sports kits.  It has been a special drive from TCIL to bring more and more Adivasi children into the fray, of whom the majority are the children of people from Below Poverty Line (like street vendors, rickshaw pullers, public bus drivers, etc.)

iv) Support for community schools

TCIL supports ten Schools and one Mahila Inter College in the vicinity of its township & basti which have a considerable percentage of students from the AA community. TCIL has taken upon the task to upgrade these schools in terms of quality & infrastructure due to the lack of such facilities. To meet its commitment, TCIL has engaged CII Institute of Quality to facilitate schools to improve their academic performance through training & development of teachers and institutionalisation of system & procedures in these schools. This initiative has helped schools to apply for SARAL – a tool on educational excellence designed by TQMS for self evaluation and continuous improvement.  Further, TCIL also provides subsidised electricity, free water and building maintenance support to these schools. To motivate these schools to perform better, TCIL has also provided furniture to those schools who have applied for SARAL.

Teachers’ Training              

A special focus has been put on Mahila Inter College by appointing SGRD (Society of Grass Root Development) to convert this into an institution for providing standard education to its girl students by training teachers both in the subjects from the syllabus as well as computer awareness and providing career counselling to the students.

Employability for Pride and Prospects

Employment of the youth has been one of the major needs expressed by the opinion leaders & Mukhiyas of the Harijan Bastis. Inadequate availability of skilled hands and poor education level has severely squeezed down employment opportunities.  TCIL has initiated several need based skill training programs for skill development thereby enhancing employability opportunities which are as follows:-

(i)Technical Skill Development  Program

With the motto of providing long term market oriented technical skill development, TCIL through ITI & Diploma Training programs has facilitated the youth to be gainfully employed thereafter.  This was also in alignment with the current demand for skilled manpower, countrywide. TCIL has partnered with TSRDS (Tata Steel Rural Development Society) who have been coaching & sponsoring the youth for these courses through their ITI Training Institute at Tamar and their tie up with NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation) which is a Bangalore based technical institute having branches all over the country, providing diploma courses in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Mechatronics, Computer Science & other streams. 

(i)  Basic Computer and Communication Skill Development Program (I-TIN)

Sound knowledge of computer operations is the need of every business and educational entity in today’s world. Keeping this in view, TCIL in partnership with E-Junction (Metal Junction) has been providing basic computer and communication skills through a tailor-made program, popularly known as I-TIN, which started in the year 2010.   The objective of this program was to enable girl students from the lower strata of the society to acquire basic computer & communication skills.  This program is fulfilling two aspects (a) it is helping them in their formal education and (b) it is making these girls employable for jobs in BPOs, malls and other establishments as well.  After the completion of the training, a Certificate is awarded by the MD of TCIL in a formal convocation ceremony, held in our three Community Development Centres.

From this year, a new initiative of Retail Management Training has been started, in partnership with Metal Junction for students of the I-Tin class. This training provides job opportunities as sales personnel in sectors like Retail, Banks, Insurance companies & BPOs.  The best 25 students are selected to enrol for the one month Retail Management Training, on successful completion of which they get adequate job opportunities.

(i)    Community Health Provider (CHP) Training Program

In order to fulfil the ever growing demand for semi-nursing staff in the health sector, a CHP training has been initiated exclusively for AA (SC/ST) community girls at the Tinplate Hospital. The program is of two year duration, the first year comprising primary training and the second year consisting of advance training of good performers from the first year.  The objective of this training program is to make women of our key community employable in the field of healthcare services.

TCIL has partnered with Tribal Cultural Society (TCS), Tata Steel for selection of trainees & guidance for the program. We currently have 35 girl students (20 in the first year & 15 in the second year) in the program. They have been provided with free boarding & lodging at CHP Hostel provided by the Company.   A reasonable amount of stipend is also being provided to these girls to meet their expenses.

These programs are comprehensive packages, provided on the job, to make the girls proficient in providing assistance in deliveries at the time of child birth, pre & post natal care, technical assistance in the operation theatre.  This helps them to get meaningful employment after completion of the training, in hospitals and nursing homes in and around Jamshedpur, while some of them prefer to serve in their villages.

(i)    Vocational Training

In line with growing demand for beauticians & tailoring experts, short term (one year) vocational Training Programs are being conducted at our three Community Development Centres. These courses have been designed for self employment. The response of the candidates who have completed this vocational training has been extremely encouraging and satisfying.  Based upon their feedback, the facilities in the Beautician Program have been upgraded by providing them with branded cosmetics, scaling of the facilities etc. to enable them in having a professional output. Similarly, an Advance Tailoring program was started to enable the better performing girls learn higher skills for better livelihood.   

Redefining Strength and Spirit through Sports

To motivate children in sports, emphasis is being given for promotion of sports in the ten schools and one Mahila College, TCIL organises monthly sports activities for the students. A special thrust has been put on athletics for which TCIL has employed a National Level trainer to identify and train children in specific sports activities based on their potential and prepare them for District, State and National Levels. Many children from these schools have participated in District & State level athletic meets. One such bright example is Miss Jamuna Tudu, who has garnered laurels by winning the Bronze Medal in the Junior National Athlete Meet held at Ranchi on 21st – 24th November, 2015.  Two other students, Mr. Akash Munda & Mr. Prakash Dehari participated in the East Zone Junior National Championship held at Deogarh on 27 – 28 Oct, 2015, and have won the Gold Medal in Triathlon and Silver Medal in 100 meters respectively.

The Company has also been supporting its employee Mr. Sanjiv Kumar by providing him with all the required facilities and releasing him whenever requests have come from the Sports Authority of India for any National / State Level Events. In 2015, on the occasion of Jharkhand Foundation Day held on 15th November, he was also declared as “Coach of the Year” in the State Level Athletics.


Health, Home and Hygiene for Happiness

Improving the quality of life has always been the topmost priority of the Tata Group which gives the community a sense of pride for availing best civic amenities in the township run by Tata Companies. And through this endeavor, TCIL has taken a step forward to support the AA Community in the following ways:

a)Construction & maintenance of toilets

In one of the meetings, the Mukhiyas of No.10 Harijan Basti expressed the need of toilets for both males and females as the existing facilities were inadequate and in an extremely dilapidated condition for the 650 residents. TCIL took notice of the genuine problems faced by the people of this area and accordingly constructed 24 modern toilets (16 for males and 8 for females).

 b)Construction of bathrooms for female population and drinking water points

There was a demand made by the female residents of No.10 Harijan Basti to provide enclosed bathrooms as the existing practice of bathing in open space was very embarrassing and inconvenient. Considering this request, TCIL constructed an enclosed bathing space with multiple taps for the womenfolk of the basti.

Harijan Basti had a limited number of drinking water taps in the community at few joints which was causing problems especially during duty hours and this issue was being raised in different forums.  TCIL promptly provided additional drinking water points in Harijan Basti by laying additional pipelines.

Renovated Harijan Flats                   

Construction of roads                

c)Free housing & facilities

TCIL has provided accommodation of approximately 130 Company quarters to the AA Community residing at No. 10 Harijan Basti. Unlike other housing facilities where rent is charged from the occupants, the housing facility provided to the residents of No. 10 Harjan Basti is free of charge.  Periodic maintenance of these quarters is also done by the Company. Major renovation of the flats of Harijan Basti and Gandhi Club (dedicated to the residents of this basti) is also done by TCIL.  

Roads & drains of the Harijan Basti were not in good condition and residents were facing immense problem, especially during monsoon. The Company constructed proper wide roads with paver blocks and repaired the drains, thus resolving the demand of the AA community.

A Better Environment for a Better Tomorrow

To spread the awareness of cleanliness, a special drive is being initiated to keep the township & its vicinity clean under Swachhata Abhiyan program. Our employees & students of Community Development Centers are participating voluntarily to make it a success.

All the schools of our township are provided with dustbins to encourage children develop a habit of using it.





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