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Assurance is sign of commitment and TCIL's commitment to quality is byword in the Indian packaging industry. With the accreditation of ISO 9001, TCIL has joined the league of international players in supplying superior quality Tinplate/TFS in terms of their mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy, shape parameters, corrosion resistance values and rigid packaging. The quality Assurance team at TCIL is equipped with qualified and experienced engineers and chemists trained in all aspects of the Tinplate manufacturing technology from abroad. The process controls and the product inspection standards during Tinplate/TFS production are very stringent to ensure that every sheet undergoes minute scrutiny thus providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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R & D Activities

Development of Full range of Soft DR(DR480) & DR 09( DR620)

Development of Chrome Free Passivation Film for Tinplate

Using HRC through Thin Slab Caster rout

Development of DR & Soft DR TFS

Development of DWI/DTR Tinplate can as a packaging solution



Major Product Parameters Inspected

Parameters Inspected

(a) Mechanical Properties Hardness (temper grade)
(b) Dimensional Accuracy
(c) Shape Parameters
Edge waviness
(d) Corrosion Resistant property
Tin coating (for Tinplate)
Metallic chromium and chromium in Cr-oxide (for TFS )
Passivation film weight
Iron solution value (for OTSC)
Tin grain size (for OTSC)
Corrosion resistance SO2 test
Porosity Test




Product Testing Facilities

The "On-Line" inspection facility at TCIL's ETP/TFS line includes tin-coating indicator, off-gauge detector and pinhole detector. The main "Off-Line" equipment available at our QA laboratory includes

Digital Hardness testing machine
Stannomatic tin coating analyzer
Chromatic analyzer for TFS
PH meter
Electro analyzer
Fluoride analyzer
Conductivity Meter
IR Spectrophotometer
Ultrasonic testing equipment
Hydrophil balance to measure oil film weight
Electronic weighing balance
Surface roughness tester
Image Analyzer
Digital Askewness table to measure out of square ness
Digital Dimension Measurement System
Shape Measurement System

Quality Grades

Single /Double Reduced Electrolytic Tinplate ,Open Top Sanitary Can, Non Oil Can Tinplate and Tin Free Steel (Chrome Plated ) are available in Standard, Seconds and Waste/Waste quality.


BIS certification can be provided for Single Reduced Electrolytic Tinplate and OTSC Tinplate for Standard grade material.




Hardness Testing


Askewness Measuring Instrument


Tin Coating Analyser


Infrared Spectro photo Meter

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