Process & Technology

TCIL's plant facilities contain various machinery and processes that leads to great quality products. Each and every process involved in making the final printed sheet follows strict quality measures and inspections to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Plant Facility

  • Pickling
  • 6hi
    Rolling Mill
  • Electrolytic
    Cleaning Line
  • Batch Annealing
  • Lacquering &
    Printing Line
  • Electrolytic
    Tinplating Line
  • Coil Preparation Line
  • 4Hi Temper
    Rolling Mill

Process Flow

Each operation is Guided by Quality norms and inspection according to defined SOPs.TCIL has a level- 2 automated Cold Rolling Mill and Batch Annealing Furnace. It also has a state of art Gauge and Shape Control System along with an instrument aided inspection system.