The objective of TCIL’s Education initiatives is to ensure both equity and inclusion in education by enabling children from the underprivileged community, including school dropouts, to meet their learning needs and complete their education successfully.

The various initiatives under Education, undertaken by TCIL are depicted below:

Pre Nursery classes at Community Development (CD) Centres

Under the supervision of trained teachers pre-nursery classes are held at two Community Development Centres. Teaching aids and play materials, provided to all Centres, encourage and motivate children to attend classes regularly and learn by playing. These classes have helped the children secure admission into mainstream schools.

Remedial Coaching Classes at villages

Remedial coaching is held at four villages and at No. 10 Harijan Basti. At the remedial classes, (a) school dropouts are coached so as to mainstream them by facilitating their admission in the formal schools, and (b) the performance of students already enrolled in formal schools is tracked to coach students who need further assistance.

Free education to SC/ST students

The Company provides tuition fees for children from AA community enrolled in the 10 community schools at Tinplate Area. Besides, cash awards are given to meritorious students of this Community studying in these schools to motivate them to excel.

Support in Educational Excellence (TEEP)

TCIL supports 10 community schools in the vicinity of its township to enhance the quality of education. These schools have been inducted into the Tata Education Excellence Programme (TEEP), which encourages self-assessment and continuous improvement and has enabled teachers to think differently, adopt new teaching and learning methods, leading to visible improvements both in academics and in co-curricular activities.

Camp School for Street Children

TCIL has partnered with Tata Steel Rural Development Society to set up a first-of-its-kind all-boys residential Camp School named “ Masti Ki Pathshala “ which houses boys from railway stations, road side dhabas, rag-pickers etc. Boys are counseled and coached by a team of teachers before they are mainstreamed into a formal English medium school.