Essential Amenities & Environment

Improving the quality of life has always been the topmost priority of the Tata Group which gives the community a sense of pride for availing best civic amenities in the township run by Tata Companies.

And through this endeavor, TCIL has taken a step forward to support the AA Community in the following ways:

Construction & maintenance of toilets

In one of the societal meetings, the Mukhiyas of No.10 Harijan Basti expressed the need of toilets for both males and females as the existing facilities were inadequate and in an extremely dilapidated condition for the 650 residents. TCIL took notice of the genuine problems faced by the people of this area and accordingly constructed 24 modern toilets (16 for males and 8 for females).

Construction of bathrooms

There was a demand made by the female residents of No.10 Harijan Basti to provide enclosed bathrooms as the existing practice of bathing in open space was very embarrassing and inconvenient. Considering this request, TCIL constructed an enclosed bathing space with multiple taps for the womenfolk of the basti.

Harijan Basti had a limited number of drinking water taps in the community at few joints which was inadequate and this issue was being raised in different forums. TCIL promptly provided additional drinking water points in Harijan Basti by laying new pipelines.

Free housing & facilities

TCIL has provided accommodation of approximately 130 Company quarters to the AA Community residing at No. 10 Harijan Basti. Unlike other housing facilities where rent is charged from the occupants, the housing facility provided to the residents of No. 10 Harjan Basti is free of charge. 

Periodic maintenance of these quarters is also done by the Company. Major renovation of the flats of Harijan Basti and Gandhi Club (dedicated to the residents of this basti) is also done by TCIL.

Roads & drains of the Harijan Basti were not in good condition and residents were facing immense problems, especially during monsoon. The Company constructed proper wide roads with paver blocks and repaired the drains, thus meeting the demand of the AA community.

Swachhata Abhiyan

To spread the awareness of cleanliness, a special drive has been initiated to keep the township & its vicinity clean. Under Swachhata Abhiyan program, our executives & staff with Office Bearers of Golmuri Tinplate Workers’ Union participated in the cleanliness drive and made it a success.