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The Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL) is a subsidiary of Tata Steel Ltd, which has a 74.96 per cent stake in it. India's leading tinplate producer, TCIL offers its customers consistently high quality of products that meet the most stringent requirements of customers. The country's first tinplate manufacturer, TCIL Is now over a century young since inception in the year 1920.

Product and service improvements in the last decade have given TCIL a larger share of the domestic tinplate market. It caters to ~60 per cent of the prime tinplate market and 40%+ of the overall domestic market.

TCIL exports ~15-20% of its sales to different geographies across the world, of which South East Asia, Middle East and select regions of Europe are key export markets.

The Company has a pan India presence, with its headquarters in Kolkata, Seven Marketing & Sales offices(except Jamshedpur ) and 12 stocking points across the country. Its single manufacturing facility, located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, has Cold Rolling Mills (CRMs), Electrolytic Tinning Lines (ETLs) and world-class Printing & Lacquering Lines.

Tinplate and Tin Free Steel (TFS), the two key product offerings of TCIL, are among the most versatile packaging substrates for packaging processed foods. The Company caters to the needs of extremely diverse segments, including Edible Oils, Paints & Pesticides, Processed Foods, Battery & Aerosols, and manufacturers of bottle crowns. TCIL offers Tinplate in cut sheet & coil form, and TFS in sheet form.

In pursuit of its downstream agenda, the company has been bonding with food processors and fillers by way of world class printing and lacquering facilities at the "Solution Centre". CIN : L28112WB1920 PLC003606