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Tinplate – the most versatile packaging media

Tinplate is the most sustainable packaging media and a versatile packaging substrate which finds usage across a wide-end uses viz; food (edible oil, processed fruits & vegetables), non-food (paints & chemicals, aerosol sprays, battery) and beverages. Tinplate is most suited for packaging processed edibles owing to its excellent barrier properties. Tinplate is durable, tamper-resistant and convenient – ensuring ease in handling and transportation. It has a long 'shelf-life' i.e. it can protect the contents from deterioration for a long time being able to resist air, bacteria and harmful UV rays. Tinplate packaging also has an aesthetic appeal, creating opportunities for attractive branding. Once the steel is coated with tin, the tinplate can be coated with polymer, lacquered and printed - making it safe, functional and appealing - all at the same time.

Most importantly, tinplate offers better environmental performance overall, compared to other materials used for the same purpose. Tinplate holds a unique position as a sustainable packaging material because it is 100% recyclable. A significant proportion of all the steel in a can comes from recycled sources. Tinplate can be recycled over and over again, indefinitely, without any loss of its inherent properties. Recycling helps to save energy and raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions and waste generated from raw materials extraction. Owing to its recyclable properties it is considered to be the most environment friendly packaging media and has hence evokes positive consumers mindshare.

The Age of Utility has given way to the Age of Attractiveness & Shaping and is taking rapid strides into the Age of Convenience & Sustainability. From the familiar soft drink can to decorative biscuit tins, cans have found a variety of applications over time. Meanwhile, emerging food safety laws in India (FSSAI) have become more stringent now than ever before - underlining more focus on safety in food processing & packaging. Food Safety, undoubtedly remains one of the key benefits of tinplate packaging.