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Tinplate for a circular economy

Products from TCIL are sustainable and environment-friendly and ideally suited for those seeking to minimise their carbon footprint to create greener world for tomorrow.

Tinplate packaging can be recycled and reused infinite number of times without loss of any of its properties. Using tinplate as packaging material offers the following green advantages:

  • Saving mineral resources and energy
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduces air, water and land pollution
  • Reduces wastages going to landfills

TCIL is committed to minimising the impact of its operations on the environment through the adoption of sustainable practices, and to continuously improve its environmental performance. It invests in reducing its carbon footprint through adoption of technology and process that reduce energy and fuel consumption. Actions are ongoing to ensure a cleaner environment. TCIL is an IMS certified company, which includes Environment Management System (ISO 14001).

Environment policy

We will proactively manage efficient use of power, fuel and water to address climate change concerns.

Environmental Clearance

Environmental Clearance has been granted vide letter No. EC/SEIAA/2020-21/2480/2021/367 Dated 30.01.2023 from State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA), Jharkhand.