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Approach & Technological Capability


TCIL's approach to Process and Product Development is driven by understanding a customer's needs. It then converts them into deliverables via product specifications or service needs.

TCIL strives to provide tailor-made services and solutions to customers, and develop new products/solutions to improve the competitiveness of the entire value chain.

Technological capability

TCIL’s developmental and testing facilities have the support of Tata Steel’s R&D Divisions in India and Europe, which enables it to develop new products, investigate complaints as well as put appropriate process control measures in place.

The Company has product-testing facilities for the following product properties

Properties Product Tests Product Testing equipment
Dimensional Thickness Micro meter
Width Measuring Scale, Tape
Cut length
Out of Squareness Digital Askewness Table
Shape Bowness Measuring Board
Edge Waviness Wedge
Mechanical & Metallurgical Hardness Analog and Digital Hardness Tester (Rockwell)
Tensile Strength Digital UTS machine
Yield Strength
Metallography Optical Microscope
Appearance Roughness Surface roughness Tester
Tin Coating Mass Stannomatic Tin Coating Analyser
Oil Film Weight Hydrophilic Balance
Passivation Film Weight UV Spectrophotometer
ECCS Coating weight Chromatic analyzer

All tests are as per guidelines by BIS, EN and JIS.