Product Capability

Product Types

  • Single Reduced Tinplate Sheets

  • Double Reduced Tinplate Sheets

  • Single Reduced ECCS Sheets

  • Double Reduced ECCS Sheets

  • Black Plates Sheets

  • Lacquered Sheets

  • Printed Sheets

TCIL offers a wide range of products with strength, surface finish and forming capabilities tailor-made to suit several critical applications.

Thickness (gauge)

a product can be down gauged with increased strength.

Coating weight

corrosion-resistance requirements can be met, with identifiable differential coatings.

Surface Texture

a variety of finishes can be provided to match specifications.

Long shelf life

The oiling and passivation film can be optimized to suit customer needs.

Product Form

Cut Sheet
Coil Form

End Uses

TCIL supplies Tinplate/ECCS sheets for various end uses - Oil Can, General Line Cans, Food cans, Aerosol cans, Lug Caps, Easy Open ends, and Crown caps.